Wednesday, 1 February 2017


Here at Hansford Bell Law, we know writing a will probably isn’t top of anyone’s list of New Year’s Resolutions – who wants to start 2017 with such a grim project?

What is incontrovertible, however, is that 2016 was the year that reminded us with the loss of so many famous people, that death is inevitable, regardless of how rich and famous you are.  It also reminded us of the importance of writing a will.

“Why are so many celebrities dying in 2016?” asked the Daily Mirror and people on Twitter expressed that their tolerance was subsiding, “Enough, 2016!”

Alan Rickman left £100,000 to charity, David Bowie similarly planned sensibly, setting detailed instructions on how his estate should be divided, which included his wish to have his ashes scattered on Bali after a Buddhist ceremony.  On the other hand, Prince died intestate, with drama ensuing over his £300m estate as various people now claim to be his blood relatives.

With this in mind, January 2017 is a good month to reflect on our own mortality and get our estates in order - even if they aren’t of A-list proportions

Maybe it’s time to rethink your New Year’s Resolutions list for 2017 – and add writing a will to the top of it. To stick to resolutions, psychologists advise breaking goals into small steps.

Take the first one today by speaking to your local solicitor, Jennifer Slater at Hansford Bell Law in Tavistock where the cost of writing a will starts at as little as £165 + VAT.  For more information, and to start 2017 with a little of the self-empowerment which writing a will can bring, call Jennifer on 01822 619805 or log on to

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